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Hi! My name is Taylor Alexander, the privileged owner of Floral Jane, an event styling + everyday floral company based in Austin, TX. After experiencing both the beauty and hardships of the early stages of pregnancy, I found myself face to face with this specific reality: I’m physically blooming with a beautiful baby, but my career is a baron waste land. So, in order to change that reality I needed to fearlessly face fear by stepping forward into the unknown world of pursuing my new business. That choice sent me into dreamland which entailed sleepless nights with different ideas running wild. I took my previous experience and knowledge gained while working as a designer for a thriving floral company, jumped through some loopy hoops and here we are! I love to create and I love people. So getting to design something authentic and beautiful, using God’s lilies of the fields, for others is a glorious gift for me. I would love to talk flowers with you if you find yourself in need of some pretty florals, whether that be for a wedding, a special event, an “I love you” gift for someone sweet, weekly business displays or more! Let’s connect and bloom together.

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